We provide custom services in the following fields:

  1. Natural products isolation and purification. Our service covers isolation of naturally occurring compounds from plants, microorganisms, and marine sources. The types of compounds to be isolated can be alkaloids, terpenoids, peptides, polyketides, glycosides, fatty acid-derived natural products, and so forth. We also perform semi-synthesis to improve properties for the interested natural products in drug discovery. Quantities of the final products are usually in the range from milligrams to grams, depending on yields and customers’ needs.
  2. Oligopeptide synthesis. We synthesize linear and branched oligopeptides, utilized as linkers to assemble antibody-drug-conjugates (ADCs) or as intermediates to make other bioactive compounds. Aside from common amino acids, the peptides to be synthesized may contain PEG and lipid units for having desirable properties, and may terminate in maleimide or a halogenated functionality for antibody conjugation. Quantities of the products are usually in the range from milligrams to grams.

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